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Yan Naree Meechai fabric, model 2

Yan Naree Meechai fabric, model 2


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Yan Naree Meechai fabric, model 2



Yan Naree Cloth Chai Maha Montra Not real strength, no version 2

Strong sacred objects for women, whether single or dual Help create a charm, call money, get gold, and tie the heart of the male dominate the man, win the heart of the man above the heart of the man as well !!!

"Yan Naree Meechai" created specifically for women

Naree Meechai !!! Talisman of Victory of Women

Victory over all men And with all the people

Victory to make glory, fortune, praise, money, love !!!

Chanted in "Auspicious auspicious occasion" is considered an auspicious occasion. Professor Om Mahamonrat made a consecration ceremony on August 17, 2016 as a day with auspicious time of 7 auspices.

Of force !! Like this, must hurry to occupy

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