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The mundane mantra Manee Montra version
The mundane mantra Manee Montra version
The mundane mantra Manee Montra version

The mundane mantra Manee Montra version


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The mundane mantra Manee Montra version


Are you looking for sacred objects that call for property?

This is a sacred object. Is the best of the property of the house of Maha Mantra

#The Lord Buddha, the emperor

Full story on mercy Power over others Most prominent in money, making a living, investing large businesses Rotation Money must rotate all the time. Will help the job Your finances are stable.

With the power of the Jade Emperor Causing money to flow into the strongest

The front "Sri Chakra talisman" is a talisman that has the meaning of the universe. Which will draw energy into the middle And collecting energy

At the back, "Yan Naga" is a talisman that helps prevent danger. Believed to win everything Help with fortune, having to eat, no use And about gambling

With concentrated material And the dark and magical talisman Causing auspicious objects to inculcate mundane emperors It is a sacred object that emphasizes enormous wealth. And full of compassion and prestige Power over others

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