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The majesty of the super moon

The majesty of the super moon


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The majesty of the super moon


best! The strongest! At this time that had been in the past 70 years !!!

"The majesty of the super moon"

Consecrate and collect masses by Ajarn Om Mahamra

Mundane material Wan, paranormal, 108, powder and oil, powerful teachers, all enchanting wealth from all over Asia And have consecrated the material for a long time, 20 years ago

The most important chanting in the monument on Monday In which the moon approached the Earth the most in the past 70 years. The ultimate in charm, compassion, money, super strength, most valuable !!

• Front "Maha Yan Si Chakra" which appears in the Vedas Holy scriptures The oldest than any scripture That had appeared on the world as a great talisman With the power to spread the cosmic energy With the effect of Maya in various ways Comprehensive

• Behind the "Talisman Talisman" to protect each other. As a result, the possessor possesses all the power as far as human beings seek, surrounded by both symbols. "12 years of the zodiac" is used to solve the year of brewing for the whole life and the highest power. With the center sign

As a result, the possessor possesses all the power as much as humanity desires.

• Blue - Agent Venus To be outstanding and attractive Who met, wanted to be close

• Red - Agent Sun To strengthen the rank, position, reputation, prestige above the general public

• Yellow, white - Dao Chan representative is surrounded by money To have money around Picking up anything, it is a big money

• Waterproof brass Every piece adorned with SWAROVSKI crystal, Grade A, chanted on Monday night, stacked Monday and many auspicious auspicious auspicious days.

* The mundane mundane emperor is considered the ultimate auspicious object of Maha Montra. Through chanting Collect the best material As far as the world can find Only 89 created !!

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