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Ten housand montra

Ten housand montra


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Ten housand montra



* Great charm oil Focus on the great charm Gamma, intense sensuality The strongest of Maha Montra houses at this time !!!!! *

Great charm, compassion, teacher class, sacred object, mass spectrometry The most concentrated Collected as many as possible Chanted the best auspicious occasion Great charm, mercy and gold "Monday, Monday"

# Oil of ten thousand montra

The ultimate oil of great charm, any woman who has possessed the power, power, fortune, charm, fortune, flow Help to grow with fortune, rank The opposite sex has come in, without a glamor. Is loved by the people With great power and charm like a mantra

With intensive mass And through a magical chanting ceremony

Consisting of mass

- Oil and mass spectrometry

- Pha That Pha-Wan Phranang Powder

- Great Buddha

- Phyllom 59

- Slut Sarika Oil

- Yoni oil, Father Phina

- Wan Yoni, Phra Uma, Khmer's slut

- Elephant oil mixed with horde

- Two tail lizards

- Elephant oil

- Fragrant Oil 7 Widow

- Special, mixed with Montra oil, immersed in the Takrud 9 mundane, teacher

- Sarika Slings

- Wan Wan's sister Wan Wan charm 108 etc.

And the many magical masses that have not yet mentioned the real strength !! Until no need to describe any words You are ready to experience the power of great charm. Individual style focusing on Call for sexual desire, teacher class Making them passionate and full of gratitude Like being misspelled

If want to worship, should hurry Because only a few bottles are limited !!

** Chanted by Ajarn Om Mahamonra, the successor of black magic At the forefront of Thailand In a special occasion Auspicious Monday, Monday 6 June 2016

*warning!! If not really necessary, do not use Because it may be stronger than necessary

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Tel: 099-253-6444

Line: @mahamontra (with @ ahead) or

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