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Takruds Slash Maha Montra

Takruds Slash Maha Montra


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Takruds Slash Maha Montra



Who doesn't want to have a third party problem? Came to insert the middle to save the love life Must not miss this sacred object

"Takrud slash the Maha Mantra" (15 flowers only)

Built from flute, wooing That is in conjunction with Maha Mantra for more than 10 years that is believed to help dispel evil Sorrow and misery Not to come to our family People we love To act to dispel evil To the great disciples

In addition, Mr. Om Mahamontra has swapped the red thread and chanted the "witchcraft" to be powerful. Edit and keep the third party Make life love sweet and lasting There is only peace in the family. And your love life forever !!

Chanted in the "Five Satanic Priests" on April 1, 2017, which will now have a lot of power!

Use to carry or put under the mattress, preventing the family outside from being unfaithful!

Open for reservation until the end !!!

Contact Ban Mahamonra / Admin

Phone: 088-092-5198

Phone: 099-253-6444

Line: @mahamontra (with @ front)

Or contact the private message Maha Montra House



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