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Takrud nine mundane, eight-way gold, real gold

Takrud nine mundane, eight-way gold, real gold


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Takrud nine mundane, eight-way gold, real gold


Great personal charm With the power of psychic elements The charge price asks for any charm. All powerful Which souls are able to resist the power of this fate all over all? Difficult to resist to forget the taste of love

"The nine-lingual nine-legged golden real gold"

From the famous legend The nine-dimensional world Great charm, must catch Jitra Kajarit. That consecrated to have the power that the individual forces To a new legend that will recount the power of this affection

• Pure gold, the powerful power, any magical power To be strong without any elements that can be compared Valuable and truly valued

• Nine-legged Takrud, Eight-way Vagina Great charm for people By combining all nine talisman characters Surround the name of the worshiper So that the power of sensuality circulates around the body all the time The outside is surrounded by eight eight-pointed nudges. No matter where you go in any subdistrict area in every direction There is no lack of charm and compassion for those who meet !!

2 The great power of Prasit combined into one by Professor Om Mahamontra, the supreme master Saiyawet Saikhao, expert over 20 years, chanted and directed spells Dark, magical and sacred to 7 days and 7 nights. The power of this passionate mind knows nothing!

What power or will compare the power of charm Even though he had already received his heart What is it from him? Would have everything needed !!

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