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Takrud Chinbunchorn Mahamontra

Takrud Chinbunchorn Mahamontra


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Takrud Chinbunchorn Mahamontra



#Takrud Chinbunchorn Mahamontra

"Chinbunchorn", the spells that Khun Chao Phra Phutthajarn (To Phromsang) used to grow meditation on a regular basis. It is a Buddha statue that is full of grace, sacredness to eliminate and dispel dangerous harmonies. And the miracle of prosperity for the prayers

The Takrud is made of brass, about 2 inches long. And great talisman Takbun Chanchondee all the way, such as good life, prosperity There is a bright way to see Solve fate from heavy to light Protecting yourself and your family. Chasing the black magic, Miss Sai There is no other statement besides the word? Holy and wonderful !!

Incredibly magical by Ajarn Om Mahamra, a master of black magic in the auspicious occasion of the great charm, great mercy and good fortune !!!

Quick !! Are limited

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