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Sarika great bee color

Sarika great bee color


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Sarika great bee color



Sarika great bee color

Is a honeycomb that chanted up to the fortune of the worshiper directly. Embed the talisman plate (Nginhang) using the mouth before the negotiation. Is the culmination of sacred objects that use anointing points to call money

Who hears us, we will be passionate about words. There is a verbal, interesting, interesting and interesting. Is kind, loving, trusting in words Will make only love Negotiating and speaking to the people who heard it. To be fascinated by (Negotiating the trade is excellent)

The ancient saying that the Salika bird is a good mouth Listen to our words like a spell. There is a trust in the mouth of the mouth. Can get raw well because of the prestige of a bird, Sarika, or Kanok Kan Salika to negotiate with the opposite sex or lover Will succeed in words, even those with lovers The couple is already making love and harmony. Have more sympathy Inspired by the unexpected fortune. Im rich with wealth Have more wealth

Very suitable for businessmen, negotiators, traders, call people to call customers well. Celebrities, singers, actors, MCs, marketers, etc.

Which even if negotiated with the magic Salika, the golden tongue And also attracting large fortune to have a good financial position Insert the flower pattern with a powerful power.

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