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Phloen Noppakao

Phloen Noppakao


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Phloen Noppakao



Phloen Noppakao

"Phet Diem Mani Daeng, clear green, emerald light Clear yellow fresh topaz Red, old, garnet, master Misty cloudy cloud Mukdahan, blurred color, dim light, zircon, chanting

9 sacred gemstones, such as Ploy Noppakao

8 types of diamonds and gemstones, a total of 9 types. This is called "Noppakao" which is the most prosperous. Originally used only for the King And the royal family And used only in auspicious event Today, "Noppakao" is still popular. And considered a fortune for the occupant

According to the belief that each gemstone has a sacred property Preventing various dangers And eliminate all inauspiciousness If anyone has possession, it will be auspicious. Doing anything will have success. Without disease

With the power of Ploy Noppakao The great value of many of these rare things, Mr. Om Mahamontra has created Pimphon, Noppakao, Phitsanulok, Monday, June 6, 2016, with a selection of honeycomb materials that are well selected and magical. Praying in the presence of Lord Ganesha

Phloen Noppakao The sacred object is filled with great blessings with the power of Ploy Noppakao plus the color of the bee that Ajarn Om chanted. In a beautiful golden cartridge, with a sparkling value, special talisman on the cartridge lid from the master of Om.

This bee color, Noppakao Those who possess possession will be sacred. With many powers Prevent various dangers Can do anything meaningfully With the power of Ploy Noppakao How to use, just just use the anointing points on the chest, the abdomen of the occupant, and then pray for the wishes of every time.

Mr. Om said that This gemstone, Noppakao, is used with the owner's possession. The important secret is Able to score anointing products to sell well Make the business prosperous

And at this time, Ploy Nopakao Has already completed the construction process Great value All Maha Montra students can watch and worship at Maha Montra House or contact the Maha Mantra page.

Valuable beehive Must be a honeycomb, Noppakao Maha Montra Then your life will change

Phloen Nopakao, inlaid with gemstone, Noppakao Down with a spell called money for gold Use anointing points for products Anointing the forehead Whoever gets anointed the product Anointing the forehead Will make people bring money to Come to subsidize, do not know all

Chanted in the auspicious occasion of Monday, June 6, 2016, is an auspicious occasion of the great charm, great compassion and fortune.

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