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Patamang Emperor Mahamontra Model committee

Patamang Emperor Mahamontra Model committee


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Patamang Emperor Mahamontra Model committee



On Monday night, the first Monday of the year 25 February 2013

Is the day that Mr. Om Maha Montra used as an auspicious occasion for consecration. * The mundane emperor *

  Mundane material Wan, paranormal, 108, powder and oil, powerful teachers, all enchanting wealth from all over Asia And have consecrated the material for a long time, 20 years ago

The mundane mundane appearance consists of

The powerful front with * Maha Yan Sri Chakra * which appears in the Vedas. Holy scriptures The oldest than any scripture That has appeared on the world

Is a great talisman that has the power to spread the cosmology Has a comprehensive range of Maya techniques Regardless of the matter of fortune, protection, charm, compassion

Surrounded by 12 zodiac symbols, resulting in all the wearers receiving full power The center of the body is the ultimate secret form, which has the power to turn the earth, water, wind and fire, making everything that is easy to pray for. Surrounded by the symbol of the 12 years of the zodiac used to solve the year of brewing for a lifetime And also the highest power with the center of the sign And also have a crocodile talisman to protect against danger and call for more gold As a result, the possessor possesses all the power as much as humanity desires.

Every piece is decorated with a grade A crystal of Javascript. Chanted on Monday night, overlapping Monday and many auspicious auspicious auspicious days. The mundane deposition of the mundane emperor, the director, is the introduction of the ultimate substance, the mundane powder Combined with all paranormal masses Complete with all the charm and wealth of wealth This model is the most concentrated mass material. Use force! Fully equipped in all aspects Both charming!

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