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Millionaire Takrud

Millionaire Takrud


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Millionaire Takrud



"The Great Money Millionaire Takrud"

Counting for six months of creating sacred objects Long process and auspicious chant Many important auspices now!

The new history has already been completed. The sacred object is that this is a million baht. After Mr. Om Mahamontra began to build since February 2016, in the auspicious occasion of the moon until now And now the perfect picture of "The Great Money Millionaire Takrud" is complete. The body, leather, and beautiful frame

"The King of the Great Money Millionaire Takrud", luxurious, beautiful, modern, eye-catching, with elaborately designed Takrud frame As elegant as the jewelry that is worn Suitable for everyone

As the picture of creation and various processes of creation

Please have a possession. The auspicious object that opened the front of this history of Mahamatra house

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