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Maha Sawan Branded Beehive LIP
Maha Sawan Branded Beehive LIP

Maha Sawan Branded Beehive LIP


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Maha Sawan Branded Beehive LIP



+++ Worship before anyone else's charm +++

"The Highest Great Mercy Beehive"

# +++ Before worshiping with charm before anyone else +++

"The Highest Great Mercy Beehive"

#Monthaew bee color

**** Use anointing the forehead before leaving home every day. To have compassion, popularity, with uninterrupted money Or anointing the goods that sell to sell well, sell out Have customers to subsidize Negotiate with anyone who has faith. Which direction will go, but love and kindness ****

Buried of fragrant flowers and Ploy Kin Bo Siang Massive beehive material made from honey that is preserved, the famous Maha Swang brand, Wan 108 oil and 9 sacred woods

to consist of

1. Ratchapruek wood means greatness and ascendancy

2. Jack wood means to support better, rich What do you have to support?

3. Chaiyapruek wood means having luck, victory, winning enemies, winning various obstacles.

5. Phai Si Suk means happy and comfortable. Without grief

6. The wood of the shrine means stability or strengthens the house.

6. Teak means dignity. Honor, power, prestige, respect and reverence

7. Siamese rosewood means better supporting the status

6. Krokao means protection against various dangers

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