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Khunpaen, Mahamontra trilogy, special teacher
Khunpaen, Mahamontra trilogy, special teacher

Khunpaen, Mahamontra trilogy, special teacher


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Khunpaen, Mahamontra trilogy, special teacher


The sacred object that makes the possessor of the charm has a compassionate life, inverse from ever having thousands of baht. Become a millionaire?

# Khunpaen, Mahamontra trilogy, special teacher! Behind the snag implanted Mrs. Suchada Long Room, 1 silver texture

Which has great power, charm, mercy and attract wealth By Takrud, Mrs. Suchada Long, this room is used to attract the opposite sex And same sex To those we like And want him to be merciful. We are born in love and passion in us. In good fortune is excellent By offering to be worshiped at the store Or money storage jar will cause customers to come to subsidize us without losing To carry or keep in our business premises Will make the child want to come back to subsidize And come to use our service to buy products forever Takrud Suchada lost this room. An ancient Takrud in the Lanna line In the past, the city of Chiang Rung San Combs had a powerful effect in the wet way. Resulting in the reverence for the people around us to have a cool mind. If angry or prejudiced against us, it becomes sensitive, merciful to us as the properties mentioned To be merciful to escape from all dangers

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