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Jindamanee Mahamonra bracelets

Jindamanee Mahamonra bracelets


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Jindamanee Mahamonra bracelets


This mantra is magical. That is used to call for money to be shed, not late !!!

"Chaimanee Bracelets" auspiciousness called for great charm

Bracelets that chanted with the charm and charm of Yantra Mantra called special property

According to legend, it is said that the magic used to refer to the meat. Called money, called gold, to come in, as in the Sangthong literature in which the Rambutan cast a spell on the gem and meat and the various animals came to him

Therefore, Ajarn Om Mahamantra chanted this gemstone bracelet with the charm In order to call property to the wearer And also charming

Jimmamanee bracelets are available in three colors, gold, silver and pink gold. There are gemstones adorned with bracelets from the hands of Ajarn Om Mahamantra.

Can be worn anywhere Wear it on everyone

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Phone: 088-092-5198

Phone: 099-253-6444

Line: @mahamontra (with @ front)

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