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Infinity Naga

Infinity Naga


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Infinity Naga


"Naga Infinity"

The Infinity symbol is also a symbol of love. Love that lasts forever

Eternal and endless Timeless love

Westerners believe that the number 8 has the same appearance as the symbol of eternal or infinite.

In mathematical symbols that mean infinity, it is considered a superstitious number.

Which uses the meaning of immortality infinite

8 Chinese people, especially those who make a living, give the number 8 a lucky number Because in Cantonese

Meaning wealthy or rich, also means the Eight Immortals or Eight Immortals

That takes care and protects the children

Blessed with a stronger auspicious time, doubling the strength !! Both the great charm and compassion for wealth

Interested in worship, contact the admin.

Phone number: 088-092-5198

Phone number: 099-253-6444

Line: @mahamontra (with @ ahead)

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