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Thao Wessuwan pendant

Thao Wessuwan pendant


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Thao Wessuwan pendant


The ultimate sacred object That should be in possession

"Thao Wessuwan", our home is known as "Grandfather Som guarding property" or as "Thanabodi" means "person in property" or "Thanesuan" means lord of wealth.

It also has a duty to keep an eye on the goodness of people in the north to go up and inscribe and announce it to all The gods in the heavenly sky know People therefore like to create or

Etch images of Thao Wessuwan (Lord Vessantara) and worship for wealth as well.

Fortunes for fixing the moon Chinese people call him the "Tai Tai" tribute, often associated with the year of birth. The year of birth is very popular because of fixing the fortune from bad luck to becoming good.

Giving riches and possessions to the rich worshipers

There are many people who worship him. And already achieved a lot of prosperity and prosperity

To protect the ghost Because Tao Wessuwan is the god of evil spirits and giant demons.

Demons, ghosts and demons don't dare to approach Did not dare to disparage him

Worship of 799 baht each, free delivery in the country (limited amount)

Interested in worshiping Buddha Thao Wessuwan Mahamantra

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