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Tao Tei, Mae Mei Fa Ver.2

Tao Tei, Mae Mei Fa Ver.2


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Tao Tei, Mae Mei Fa Ver.2


"Tao Fai, Mae Mei Fah, Generation 2"

The ultimate paranormal object that gamers shouldn't miss?

"Mae Mei Fa", the ghost of Ban Mahamantra Which is famous and well-known both at home and abroad. Who wishes for work, financial, fortune, love, most will fulfill success!

Who has sacred objects of Mae Mei Fah with them? As if a mother was there to help bless To do anything smoothly Accomplish quickly

** Auspicious objects for each of you = win to gamble **

888 baht per set (with 2 children)

Interested in requesting worship ..............

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Phone: 088-092-5198, 099-253-6444

Line: mahamontra

Instragram: @mahamontra

Contact private message. Baan Mahamantra Click. Http://

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