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Dog charm

Dog charm


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Dog charm


Because charm may change your life ..

Create a strong charm. For the lover to snuggle Used to lull the loved one. To reveal his heart And expressing deep affection Inspired by love, honest and tame .. dogs that are loyal to the owner ..

"Takrud charm, dog face, Kru flower", every flower consists of silver sheets engraved by hand, full of formulas, a secret spell The matter of binding the heart to the lover, honest, obedient, like a dog that is loyal to the owner. Yantra Heart charm, dog face Including the human heart Incantation Thousand layers of winter magic Stuffed with a mental bundle Saithon Mudjai And wrapped in a talisman cloth, mother Yoni, paranormal, increasing sexual desire, intense sensuality Charge the power of all the occult magic master. Included in one flower

The possessor would not be absent from the affection even for one day.

Worship Tips "The charm of the dog" The dog's face ": Write the name of the loved one wrapped in the Leathernecks. Tucked under the pillow Before going to bed thinking of loved ones Think clearly about your face. Will make his mind miss Consider only us

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