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Magic Talcum Powder

Magic Talcum Powder


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Magic Talcum Powder


The magic spell "Mantra"

This model is compact, easy to carry, and most importantly, chanted with many charms. To give users a charming, eye-catching sight

This magical powder is a fine loose powder mixed with a little shimmer to nourish the face. Apply every morning before leaving the house. To brighten the face

Can be used by both men and women Helps to be attractive, inviting

Anyone who saw was kind and loving.

There are 3 colors to choose from depending on your skin type.

Number 1 - For very fair skin

No. 2 for yellow-white skin

No.3 - for two-tone skin, honey skin or dark skin

Worship, 499 baht each

Interested to worship ..

You can see the information of Ajarn Om Mantra on


Contact Baan Mahamantra

Phone: 088-092-5198, 099-253-6444

Line: mahamontra

Instragram: @mahamontra

Contact private message. Baan Mahamantra Click. Http://

Follow the story of Baan Mahamontra, Achan Om Mahamtra, on Youtube ————->

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