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Kaewmanee Chotirom Mahamontra

Kaewmanee Chotirom Mahamontra


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Kaewmanee Chotirom Mahamontra


Kaewmanee Chotirot, "This magical glass is light, cool, shining brightly and constantly, rumored to have possessed this magical glass.

That person is like an emperor who prevails over the four continents. (Ancient times believed that this world has four continents, namely, the Vishnu continent, the Indian subcontinent, Amorn Khotan, the Uttarakhur continent). The power spread in both water and on the sky.

The magical power of Kaew Mahani Chotirot is a bright radiant if cold and soft as the moonless moon. Therefore able to give light to those who are lost in darkness

"Anyone who possesses this magic glass Will immediately escape from poverty He will have everything in the blink of an eye. Just ask that this glass of magnificence be created. "

Chanted by Ajarn Om Mahamonra, the successor of black magic At the forefront of Thailand

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