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Yoni's charming mother

Yoni's charming mother


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Yoni's charming mother


This charm has been used since ancient times. To the sacred material of the sacred tree All sensual sensuality Deep-seated level, possession of the mind Increase the power to attract affection Stimulate sensuality

To occupant

Ma Yoni Mantra

- Men are used to stimulate the sensuality of women to attract them. When used to pray as if

Possessing the yoni of the person wishing

- Women use the pussy as a symbol of affection for their mourning, which has the power to attract the minds of men to come.

As the vagina owner who has seductive charm

- The third gender is used to stimulate the sensuality of the person that they are targeting, regardless of gender. By putting the mind to stimulate the sexual desire of the people that we mean

All of this does not require any spelling spell. Just you stand firm to eat the precepts and pray and direct steadfastly.

What we get is not more than the deeds that we have created. Be persistent in doing goodness forever. And success will arrive soon

Worship 1,199 baht, send free EMS

Special worship today, Achan Om Mantra will light candles of descent To each worshiper, 1 book for blessing on the lottery day, 2 May at 12.00 hrs.

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