1. Personal information that the company collects from you

1.1 Privacy information Or when combined with other data directly and that can be clearly identified

The company will collect information from you as follows:

Identification information, for example, your name, gender, date of birth

Contact information, for example, address, delivery, receipt Shipping address, email and phone number

 Account information, for example bank accounts and payment details

Transaction information, for example, details about payment And other product and service details that you have purchased from the company

 Personal information, such as user names and passwords, orders or orders from you, interests, settings, feedback and survey responses

usage information, for example, access to your platform, other products and services, and

Marketing and communication information, for example, satisfaction in receiving market information from the company and Outsiders of the company And satisfaction in communication


2. Use and disclosure of personal information

The personal information that the company collects from you will be used by the company or shared or delivered to third parties. For some or all for the following purposes

To facilitate the use of the service

To process your orders

 Payment of goods that you pay

Delivery of products that you order The company will send personal information to third parties to deliver products to you.

Compare data and confirm with third parties to confirm the accuracy of the information


3. Revocation of consent And the provision of deletions or information to be anonymous with personal information

You may notify the revocation of your consent to use or disclose personal information at any time. Or request to be deleted by contacting the personal information protection officer


4. Amendment of personal information

You are responsible for notifying you of changes to your personal information. Or in the event that your personal information that the company has incorrect or incomplete You can update personal information at any time by logging in from your account to the platform. If you are unable to update personal information via your account You can contact the personal information protection officer.


5. Access to your personal information

If you want to request your personal information that the company has stored Or have questions about data collection or disclosure by the company in the past year Please contact the personal information protection officer.


6. Security of your personal information

Your password is the key to accessing your account. Please do not share your Lazada password with anyone. If you use your password with other people You are responsible for the actions taken from your account, your name and the consequences. Therefore, if your password has been changed for any reason or believe that your password has been changed, please contact the company and request to change your password immediately.


7. Retention of personal information

The company maintains your personal information as long as necessary or according to law. The company will stop collecting personal information or delete the information that is linked to you. Because there is no need for law or for business purposes anymore


8. The right to disclose personal information

You acknowledge and agree that we have the right to disclose your personal information in the event of a law, regulation, government, tax Enforcement of law or against the authority or against the owner of the rights or in the event that there is a reasonable reason to Pordeeshops believes that the disclosure of personal information is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations Or any cooperation, whether voluntarily or ordered to cooperate in accordance with the investigation and / or request from those persons, to the extent permitted by applicable law You agree not to do anything and or waive your right to do anything to Pordeeshops for personal information disclosure under this situation.