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Fox Queen Pendant 99% Real Gold

Fox Queen Pendant 99% Real Gold


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Fox Queen Pendant 99% Real Gold


High class sacred objects

Fox Queen Pendant 99% Real Gold

The charming fox queen 99% real gold mask, nowhere made before There is only one place here at Mahamantra.

The history of the charming fox queen

From the original legend that the fox queen Can live up to 1000 years. Can transform into many things. One of them is the body of a beautiful seductive woman. Which is intended to entice the boys, especially because of the fox queen Really wants to become a human. And the transformation method is To eat 100 hearts or human liver, therefore, the queen fox often lurks in a house in the middle of the forest Deceiving humans, especially men who are lost in beautiful appearance to be victims It is said that the appearance was so beautiful that even the victim knew she had to die because she still gave up the life of the Fire of Destiny.

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