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Eight-way talisman
Eight-way talisman

Eight-way talisman


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Eight-way talisman


For those born in the year of birth And who doesn't have a birth year

For yourself And your important people

"Yan Kan Chong Eight Directions" is a sacred object in a pendant Luxurious jewelry

Full of power of protection, fortifying, fortifying the sun, calling for property, dispelling evil things Help to be safe Complete disaster protection in one body

--- Worship for yourself Or worshiped, given to special people Important people, a precious gift

Can be worshiped at Ban Mahamantra

Contact Ban Mahamantra Tel: 088-092-5198, 099-253-6444 Ban Mahamantra open 5 news and promotion channels, including

1. Via Line members, click link:

2. Facebook group (mahamontra official group) Click link:

3. Via website

4. Youtube channel:

5. Instagram channel: @mahamontra

(From 1 Sep 62 on Line @: @mahamontra, still be in touch but will not receive news. Or good promotions)

*** Convenient way for all Mahamontra students Can choose To not miss the news And special promotions at Baan Mahamantra always

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