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Charmed Lizard

Charmed Lizard


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Charmed Lizard


Is a great charm amulet used for both men, women, good way, mercy, great popularity, negotiating with anyone, giving mercy, loving, good trading, calling fortune customers, calling money, calling gold Money is not a bag of fortune. Great Mahayana. Great for people who have a career in trading. Do business work Luck will also be good.

Chanted by Ajarn Om Mahamonra, the successor of black magic At the forefront of Thailand In a special occasion Auspicious Monday, Monday 6 June 2016

---- The worshiper will be the person with the money Be a millionaire

Line: @mahamontra (with @ front) or add line, click

Phone: 088-092-5198

Phone: 099-253-6444

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