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Candy is mundane, golden face

Candy is mundane, golden face


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Candy is mundane, golden face



"Candy, mundane, golden face" created using mundane powder From the creation of the mundane pundits as the main component And mixed with many paranormal powder such as

- Wan Charm 108

- Jindamanee powder according to the ancient recipe, consisting of rake flowers, Chan flowers, pollen, Busan, Prapaen, Frankincense, Gutta, Kotakma Thong, Nam Saeng, Kum Kum, Chomkhom

- Ita Jae Paranormal Powder consists of powder, charm teacher, mercy, popular, charm, Chan Hom, Chan Khao, Krisana, white ball, love

Mr. Om Mahamontra chanted on many occasions to ensure that "Candy, mundane, golden face" that has powerful qualities beyond description Used to carry near to the charm of the great mercy, the strength to create a limited number only Hurry before you run out !!!

Contact to ask for worship at the Admins Maha Montra team.

Tel: 088-092-5198

Tel: 099-253-6444

Line: @mahamontra (with @ ahead) or

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