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Product/Service >> gumaan gumaare >> Kuman Dokrak mahamontra 3 inches

Kuman Dokrak mahamontra  3 inches - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Kuman Dokrak mahamontra  3 inches


Kuman Dokrak mahamontra 3 inches

Code: 000451
Price: 2,000.00 THB (Ref. 66.67 USD)

Kumanthong Dokrak Mahamontra 


Consecrate by Master Ohm Mahamontra for inspire money to every disciple


Kumanthong Dokrak story


  Kumanthong Dokrak original at Mahamontra Palace has only one in the world. He made by Wooden Jack lightning strikes (powerful of the paranormal) Be carved into kumanthong as tall as real child hight 108 cm. Originally who created this kumanthog Dokrak is monk in the north. The monk is a teacher of Master Ohm Mahamontra.

  One day Master Ohm Mahamontra traveling to visit at temple and merit factor and observe that kumanthong looks lovely.He stands majestically in the parsonage then ask monk to stay with me, monk have mercy and give kumanthong to Master Ohm Mahamontra.

  Master Ohm Mahathotra take kumanthong at home and consecrate again. Master Ohm denominate kuman is "Dokrak" because he cute and charming. When people met  for the first time felt loved and tweaked. When kuman Dokrak was member of Mahamontra palace Master Ohm well fed but never asked for any help or work. Master Ohm fed because have a chance together.


  One day kuman Dokrak appeared to Master Queen Tarot (Master Ohm's wife). He said "Why do parent fed Dokrak but parent never let me help to work I want to help parent make money. I have mighty I can help and tell disciple to ask the love or money from me. I will help everyone". Then Master Queen asked Dokrak to help make money, sell estate and car. Master Queen get her desire. 


  Now Master Ohm allow disciple to pray from Dokrak and everyone has been successful.


  Master Ohm Mahamontra consecrate and psychic split of kumanthong Dokrak from realer at Mahamontra Palace. Make size 2, 9 inches and 108 cm for disciple to worship. Everyone who worshiped kumanthong Dokrak has many experience miracles.


  "Belive in Master Ohm Mahamontra belive in kumanthong Dokrak belive in destiny"


  You will get worship kumanthong Dokrak by the time.

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